The End Of The Road…

Finally getting back to some semblance of normality after a long weekend at End Of The Road. We drove the exhibition down to Larmer Tree last week (taking the old Icknield Way of course), and after a great weekend of music, drink and fun we packed the signs and paintings up on Monday morning feeling more than a hint of sadness at the passing of not only the weekend, but somehow the summer as a whole.

The exhibition was wonderfully received by the people of the festival, and the comments book was full of very warm, insightful and intelligent remarks. Will was at the stall a fair bit as well, and I know he appreciated the response, so thank you to anyone who took the time to write or say something, bought a postcard pack or magazine or just looked around the place.

Also, a big thank you to Molly, who sorted us out with our home for the weekend, and was helpfulness and enthusiasm personified both in the build up to and over the course of the festival itself. Which, by the way, is fantastic, and anyone who has not been should put it on their to-do lists for next summer forthwith.

Branchage Film Festival up next, and no doubt desperately trying to stop Will spending a whole weekend in The Cambridge. See some of you there hopefully, we’ll be located in the Horsebox next to the Spiegeltent in Weighbridge Park.

More information on Branchage Film Festival 2011 here.



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