Last Of The Summer Wine

Well, it certainly doesn’t feel like the end of the summer, but sadly it is the end of our season travelling with the Sideshow. A great weekend at Branchage Film Festival in Jersey marked the last venue for Jason’s drawings and Will’s poems, and the horse-box housing the exhibition looked great.

Thanks to everyone involved for all the help, not just with this last event, but all of them, all summer. Special mention has to go to Pete Donne and Rough Trade for their support, Gordon Hervé for all his help at Branchage, Carl and Danny at The Social, Gemma from YarnFest, Molly at End Of The Road, Denise and Jonathan from LoCo Film Festival, all at Port Eliot and a special mention to Jeff Barrett from Caught By The River for the support and John Andrews for his fantastic review of the very first exhibition. And thanks to everybody who has come and enjoyed the show over the summer and also Rebecca Coley for all the filming throughout.

Loads of photos are due to go up on our Flickr page over the next couple of weeks, and we’ll also be working on some more bits and bobs over the winter, so stay tuned.





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